Gorilla's Playthrough

Game Playthroughs with Audio Description


Jess Winston is a voice actress who has performed in various episodes of Gorilla’s Playthrough. Her vocal skills are very diverse, and I highly recommend her due to her amazing talent, great attitude, promptness. She can be reached at juxtaw.vo@gmail.com for voicework. 

Brandon Cole is a voice actor & narrator, having performed character roles in mainstream games such as Pillars of Eternity. He is also a blind accessibility advocate and consultant. He can be contacted here: www.brandoncole.net , along with his Youtube: www.youtube.com/superblindman & Twitch accounts: www.twitch.tv/superblindman

Remy Chartier is a visually impaired voice actor, sound designer, writer and composer. His passions are video games, acting, composing, and designing audio theatre. He can be reached at altharius@hotmail.com . Samples of his work are located at: https://soundcloud.com/remy-c-chartier

Clement Chou is an aspiring voice actor, and has also recently begun music composition . He is a martial artist, gamer, music enthusiast, and bookworm. His passions include practicing and learning about different martial arts, gaming sessions whether it’s playing or watching them, playing guitar, and trying new things. He can be reached at chou.clement@gmail.com

Rene Kim is an up and coming voice actress with big ambitions. She has worked for years on different characters’ voices and adding versatility to her vocal range, to ensure that she can meet every client’s needs. She loves doing voice work and narration as it is a huge passion of hers to see projects come to life via voice acting. She now has 5 big projects under her belt and would love to add more. She can be reached at renekimvot@gmail.com or via discord kill’in_is_my_business#5393

JoAnn Tran has interviewed Gorilla’s Playthrough. She is currently working toward being certified as a Sourcer and Recruiter. She enjoys doing interviews and exploring her creativity as a musician. Some of her hobbies include listening to audio books, audio dramas, cooking, rock climbing, white water rafting, and hiking. JoAnn can be reached at Jhtran2013@gmail.com

James Mullish is an aspiring visually impaired voice actor who wishes to have more projects under belt in order to improve his voice acting. It has been one of his dreams to become a voice actor, and he can be reached at jamesseller1998@outlook.com. He is also a vocalist, and his performances can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz4a_2SgbBbk6B5QDB9T9TQ

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